Cutting Board Care


Water is a wooden cutting board's natural enemy.  Wood expands with moisture and contracts when drying; repeated expansion and contraction can result in cracks...not good for your investment or your board!  By oiling your board regularly, you are replacing the moisture content of the wood with oil, and oil repels water; this interrupts the cycle of expanding and contracting every time the board is washed. 

You cannot oil your board(s) too much; however, after a few cleanings you will see the board start to appear dry.  Apply some oil and you will notice a difference.  The board should look freshly oiled as a general rule.

Vegetable oil can turn rancid; it's a food product...I wouldn't use it!
Do Not’s
- Never put a wooden cutting board in the dishwasher
- Never soak a wooden cutting board in water
- Never buy other than Knot-Again’s cutting boards (kidding)
- Oil, oil, oil; but we will get to that in a minute
- Wash the board in warm soapy water
- Use a sponge with an abrasive side or a scour pad
     §  This acts like sandpaper and will help keep the board smooth
- Rinse the board with water
- Towel dry the board
- Stand the board upright to dry completely from all sides
- Oil the board
- Display the board because it’s so pretty
- Use the board and start all over again.
- Buy more cutting board for yourself, or as a gifts for friend and family