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My name is Brad R. Englehardt, and I am the founder of Knot-Again. I invite you to browse through our site and learn about our company and our fine products. I hope that our site is easy for you to navigate, and we always welcome feedback since we want to make you, our customers, happy with our products and our service.

Knot-Again’s wood products are all handmade from American (domestic) and exotic hardwoods. We do not use any stains in our products; the beautiful colors you see are the natural colors and grains of the wood. We use non-toxic (FDA approved) glue for our cutting boards, and we have soaked each board in food quality mineral oil.

Currently we are creating cutting boards made from American Hardwoods including Cherry, Black Walnut and Maple.  We make 6 different shapes and sizes, and these boards are offered in two distinctly different combinations of the woods listed above. We also offer mineral oil for continued protection of the cutting boards and replacement wires for the cheese slicing boards.

Everything we make, essentially, is custom made so if you would like something that you do not see on our website, feel free to contact me at: brad@knotagain.com for a quote.

At Knot-Again, we try to use as much reclaimed wood as possible, and wood that other woodworkers may not consider for their projects because they do not like the wood character. This in turn creates savings for you, the customer, and lessens the burden on the environment.

Thank you for your interest in our products, we hope you enjoy the beauty of the wood like we do!